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VEXcode VR (for Virtual Robot) was developed during the pandemic when physical robots were not an option for many students, VEXcode VR has now become a staple in robotics and computer science classes worldwide. I was one of the few that started using it right away and then created YouTube videos for my students and fellow educators.  This area of my website is dedicated to stories, tutorials, and tips related to VEXcode VR. For any questions or comments, please contact me at mark@mjstem.com.

What is VEXcode VR?

With VEXcode VR, students can code and interact with virtual robots in immersive and engaging Playgrounds, enhancing their learning and understanding of computer science concepts. One of the most exciting things about VEXcode VR is that students can code anytime, anywhere using a web-based platform with no student accounts or installations required. 

VEXcode VR not only offers an exciting and engaging platform for students, but it also provides a way for teachers to assess their students' understanding of coding concepts. Students can download and share their projects, giving teachers a better insight into their students' learning progress.

Whether you're teaching beginners or experienced coders, VEXcode VR has curricular resources to meet your students' needs. The Computer Science Level 1 Blocks and Python courses offer comprehensive, scaffolded instruction that teaches coding concepts through coding challenges with virtual robots.

Overall, VEXcode VR is an innovative and engaging tool that makes learning to code and robotics accessible to all students. With a wide range of Playgrounds and coding challenges available, there is something for everyone.

Head over to vr.vex.com and start coding your virtual robot today!

Where can I learn more about VEXcode VR?

Check out the Facebook group here - https://www.facebook.com/groups/vexcode

Check out the vexrobotics documentation here - https://kb.vex.com/hc/en-us/articles/10237033931028-VR-Educators-Start-Here

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