Castle Color Match

The Disk Transport playground is one of the many exciting virtual playgrounds available on the VEXcode VR platform. Designed to simulate a robotic world, it requires students to use coding to solve a variety of challenges. Among the various activities available on this playground, "Castle Color Match" stands out as a particularly engaging and educational one.

In "Castle Color Match," students are presented with a virtual castle and a set of four colored disks. The goal is to use the robot's electromagnet to pick up each disk and place it in the correctly colored goal located outside the castle walls. The challenge is divided into three levels, each one progressively more difficult than the previous one.

At Level 1, the challenge is to pick up and place one disk of each color in its corresponding goal. Level 2 ramps up the difficulty by requiring the player to pick up and place all four disks of each color in the correct goals. Finally, at Level 3, the player must pick up and place three disks of each color inside each colored goal, then hide the remaining three disks behind the wall around the castle.

To accomplish these tasks, students must use their coding skills to program the robot's movement and magnet control. They must be careful to adjust the robot's drivetrain values correctly, as the magnet is located at the front of the robot while the disks are in the center of each grid square. The energize magnet block from the Magnet category is used to control the magnet, with the "boost" and "drop" settings used to pick up and drop disks.

While "Castle Color Match" is an exciting challenge on its own, it also comes with a set of competition challenges that students can participate in. In Level 1 competition, the goal is to move the four disks to their corresponding goals as quickly as possible. In Level 2 competition, the challenge is to move all of the disks into the matching goals as fast as possible. Finally, in Level 3 competition, the player must move and hide the disks as quickly as possible.

"Castle Color Match" is an excellent activity for students who are just starting to learn about robotics and coding. It helps them develop their problem-solving and critical thinking skills while having fun. The virtual world of the Disk Transport playground is immersive and engaging, making it an excellent platform for educators to introduce students to the world of robotics and coding. With its challenging levels and competition challenges, "Castle Color Match" is sure to keep students entertained and motivated to learn.

To learn more about the Castle Color Match and how to succeed, students can check out my YouTube video by clicking thumbnail.